The Artist – Painter – Ni Nyoman Sani

Balinese women have long been portrayed as merely exotic subject (or object) by myriad artists who were inspired by them. But Ni Nyoman Sani, a female artist from Sanur, Bali, has more story to be told.

Sani uniquely captures women’s expression and spirit in her canvas. She is well known for her painting style which vividly depicts the celebration of women’s fashion and life in various color tones and brush strokes. Richard Horstman, a cultural observer and art writer, said that Sani’s works speak about the liberation and sovereignty of women. It particularly reflects the experiences of modern Balinese women; the stories that emerged from Sani’s belief in equality in a patriarchal society. Later she is also channels her creativity into designing clothes, photography, poetry, and other art forms. Sani’s artworks will invite anyone to explore a solitary journey to dive into women’s soul and voices.

Ni Nyoman Sani was one of the top 100 finalists for Philip Morris Indonesia Art Award (2000). In 2009, she went to Haarlem, Holland, and Modena, Italy, for art residency programs. Sani’s solo exhibitions have been held in several galleries and arts spaces in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Italy, Germany, and Netherland. Her artworks were also exhibited in group exhibition abroad such as in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Germany, Guangzhou China, Perth, and Darwin.

Currently, Sani who graduated from Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Denpasar open her home and studio in Sanur for a public workshop session about art and relaxation. On the program that is held every Friday 9-11 am, Sani will introduce you the simple technic of using Chinese ink to create a wonderful piece of art while liberating your mind.

Studio Address: Jalan Kutat Lestari VIII no. 100, Sanur, Denpasar – Bali

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