The Artist – Musician – Made Mawut

From one of the poorest regions in the United States, a new style of music called Delta Blues was created. Born in Mississippi Delta, this music become a strong visceral language that voices African-American personal emotional stories and communal life struggle.

Many miles away from the Southern State, in the island of Bali, there is Made Mawut, a bright soloist who choose Delta Blues as his musical expression. But what kind of sorrow or protest Made wants to tell through his Blues? While living in the place which for decades known as a “paradise island”?

Born and raised in Bali, Made has witnessed many changes in his hometown that has affected the life of his family and community. When some Delta blues musicians gave commentary on the flood that happened in Mississippi, Made spoke about water crisis in Bali. While in the U.S. Blues also represents the life amid racism and social inequality, here Made writes his criticism towards social condition as well as systemic poverty.

Made voices his intimate stories and solidarity through all his works. “Blues Krisis,” (2015) is his debut album. It talks specifically about crises he faced himself and inspired by contemporary social problem around him. His second album, “Merdeka 100%,” (2019) is a live recording that contains 10 tracks, tells various stories ranging from romantic relationship, terrible education system, political issue, poorness, to food (in)security and land conversion. Made’s newest single entitled “Korona Blues” (2020) has recently released on his youtube channel.

Made Mawut has been playing Delta Blues since 2005. For him, blues is about soul and genuineness. He loves blues because it represents the true feeling.

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