Phalam Batik

In 1988, the love of Batik and the desire to preserve the art and philosophy of Batik encourage us to establish Phalam Batik & Souvenirs.

Sri Phala Resort

Sanur has its own charm in Bali, such as the calm beach and the unbeatable beautiful sunrises. The Community mingled, living together with tourists who enjoy serenity by the shoreline.

Rama Phala Resort

Located in the heart of the cultural and artistic Balinese village of Ubud, also five minutes walk to Sacred Monkey Forest. It’s indeed a place to recharge your spirit.

Radha Phala Resort

Withdrew away from the bustling sound of central Ubud. Surrounded by paddy fields and the sound of Balinese rural life, suits for direct experience of magical Ubud.

Evening Massage Studio

It’s very important to find balance and soothe your overwhelmed body and senses. In the warm style interior at Evening Massage Studio Ubud, you can get treatment done by our…