Step into the infamous island of paradise. The Phala will escort you to a rich cultural and delightful experience of Bali.

Started from a desire to share a home, The Phala is eager to build you a warm and pleasant sanctuary to stay. The Phala is growing from the hands of our sincere and hard-working people and wishes to continue bringing the best for you.

Established in 1988, The Phala holds five companies, Phalam Batik & Souvenirs (est. 1988), Sri Phala Resort & Villa Sanur (est. 2003), Rama Phala Resort & Spa Ubud (est. 2011), Radha Phala Resort & Spa Ubud (est. 2016), and the newest one, Evening Massage Studio Ubud (est. 2019).

The Phala offers you a compelling journey to unfold the beauty of the island from its enchanting nature to its fascinating culture. Hospitality and integrity are our main priorities to guide and serve you.

For it is not just about the place, it is the people.